Reviewer Guidelines

The Arcadian aims to provide a platform to every reviewer. Authors are going to submit their books to us. As a reviewer, you will have access to our submissions pool and can read and review books as soon as they launch. Along with this, you will get a chance to interview your favourite author. Improve your workflow and manage all of your submissions from one place. Access our reviewer dashboard where you can hunt for new books in the submission pool, or manage submissions from authors who contact you directly.

Your review will go live after our approval, where it will be exposed to thousands of readers in your genre. Your review will be featured in our website and our social media accounts. Complete your profile and build your brand with us. Your profile is where readers find your published reviews. It can complement your existing blog and allow you reach a new community of interested fans.

1. Apply to be a reviewer

Click the following button. Your will redirected to a form. Complete the form with correct details.

2. Application will be up for review

Our team will review your application. We will update you within 24 hours on the status of receiving your application.

3. Reviewer Dashboard

If you are accepted, then login to your reviewer dashboard. Setup your profile. Your profile will be featured on The Arcadian reviewer's section.

4. Write a review

You can either review one of our books from the submission pool or submit one of your own review. As soon as you submit your final draft, our team will review it and publish it within a few hours.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us