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An Amazon original and exclusive, the Emmy-winning British comedy series, Fleabag features the dashing, outspoken, unnerving, and effingly relatable character by the name of Fleabag, played by the popular British actress and playwright Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She is also the creator/writer of this series. Interestingly, why the series was named Fleabag we never know, but only that Waller-Bridge was called by the same in her childhood for as long as she can remember, she says to Los Angeles Times.

Albeit put under the genre of ‘drama’, Fleabag is actually a story about love. Love for yourself. It is a story of coming to terms with the real version of you and loving yourself unconditionally. Throughout the series we never actually get to know Fleabag’s name.  She is never called ‘Fleabag’ too. Other characters address Waller-Bridge’s character as ‘her’, ‘she’, and ‘you’. And that is what really makes us feel as if we are her. People are talking to her and to us. This first-person direction makes the narrative far too relatable.

To say her life is complex or a chaos would be an understatement. She is the owner of a rundown café that she started with her best friend. She has a sister who is unhappily married to an alcoholic who has a mentally-challenged kid. Now, her sister is a house of pent-up emotions with a cold, calm, and stoic face from an effortless and loveless marriage. Her mother has died from breast cancer. Her once godmother is now dating her father, who then decide to get married. She cannot stay with her father in the same room, both afraid of each other emotionally. She drunkenly cheats on her best friend by sleeping with her boyfriend. Overwhelmed with grief, her best friend dies in an accident. Now the death of her friend hangs like a ghost on her head and follows her like a shadow. Her mistake and the accident have plagued her life and each and every potential relationship she tries to build with anyone. She likes kink, yet she is tries to anchor to Harry (Hugh Skinner) with hollow promises for him. She has stopped loving herself. And anyone else for that matter, in the fear that she would become their downfall too as had happened with her best friend, Boo. She is brave to the outside world, always speaking her mind, but inside the broken pieces from Boo’s death have still not assembled.

The first season featuring 6 episodes with a runtime of 20-25 minutes each follows Fleabag through the phases of a person who thinks they are undeserving of love. She is afraid of commitments and attachments. From attending a boring lecture for your parents’ sake to keeping our mouths shut about their erratic and out-of-the-blue decisions, her familial life is kind of same as us. Truth be told, we still shut our mouths when our parents put their foot down on learning to video call on their own. So, we know Fleabag goes through some of the same ‘awkward parent situations’ like us with her sibling.

Finances are hard to keep up. Her life is falling apart every minute. Yet she wants to save the café because it was something she and Boo had created with a lot of TLC. She’s desperate for some sense of stability. And believe us when we say that you’ll definitely cry when she outright cries and pleads to not be alone. To have someone to love her, to see to her, and to care for her.

Can she keep the café of her memories? Will she find someone who would love her in every way?

To Be Continued. . .

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