Chemical Hearts: A Teenage Limbo

Chemical hearts is a teenage romantic drama which beautifully portrays the complexities of a teenage mind, written, produced, and directed by Richard Tanne, based on the novel Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland. It was released on August 21, 2020, by Amazon Studios.

This movie reminds us of our teenage days. When we were going through the transition from a kid to an adult. This film is about a boy named Henry Page (Austin Abrams) and his complex relationship with Grace Town (Lili Reinhart). Henry and Grace have polarizing personalities. Henry is a normal teenager who has a great set of friends, good grades, and a supporting family. Whereas Grace has just gone through a life changing car accident, where she lost her boyfriend and became handicapped, and ended up with a limp. The accident changes her life drastically. They both start working as co-editors of the school's newspaper. Eventually they became friends but Grace can’t let go of her past and let Henry in which leads to a lot of mixed signals between them. He wants to understand and fix her. They start spending a lot of time together, and Grace tells him about the accident and her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Their relationship peaks at a Halloween party, after which they start their romantic relationship. They have a few romantic days together, but Grace is still troubled. On the anniversary of the accident, Henry learns that Grace had been living with her ex-boyfriend’s parents, and she is clearly still in love with a dead man. Henry cannot handle this information and they break up. After a few days, Grace goes missing and when Henry finds her in their secret spot, she is in her wedding dress and is letting go of her ex-boyfriend’s memory. He drives her back to her house. After this incident, Grace takes some time off the school and works on herself. I am not going to spoil the end, you will have to watch the movie to know the end.

“Adults are just scarred kids who are lucky enough to make it out of teenage limbo alive.“ This movie is not a love story, it is a story of every teenager. Every one of us has gone through an incident in our teenage years which transformed us into adults. The transition is no doubt painful and alone, but it made us who we are now. Social media and our society has made an image in our minds that everyone must be happy all the time which is confusing and misleading. We are made to believe that scars are meant to be hidden from the world. They are ugly and imperfect. But we can’t get rid of them. They are not the remainders of what’s been broken but rather what’s been created. We must never forget that the only one who can save us from this dark abyss of negative emotions is us only. Even though this journey is ours alone, we must not forget the people, who were there with us during these hard times.

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