What lies ‘Beyond the Crossroads’?

“You won’t feel like dancing your heart out every day, somedays you would want to cry, other days just sit back and see life happen or might be smile a little.”

Sometimes the wounds fester beyond the mundane comprehension. Sometimes the scars go more profound than we realise. Sometimes we just forget to love ourselves. Sometimes life plays an offensive play and lands us in a crossroad. That is precisely what happens with Ruchika and Aahan when they have lost all hope in life and themselves.

We seldom realise how deeply the separation of our parents hurts us, how deep the roots go. Ruchika is an independent, self-made entrepreneur and business owner. For her, life means three things: working, her best friend Sam, and alcohol. She is just living off of everything. She is scared to lose herself into anything good. Because if it didn’t last for her parents, the universe wouldn’t be kind on a deliberate orphan like her. She meets Neil. They fall in love, or at least Neil does. And they are off to their engagement in Goa, suddenly.

Aahan appreciates the good things in his life. From his mother to his newly-found old friend Yash, to holding an efficient position in Petfolks Ltd. Life starts on track for him when he meets Maira and they get on the ride too, to their engagement. Until, Aahan broke a leg, literally.

We suddenly come to a standstill at the crossroads. Ruchika has suffered a lot, and the heartaches keep on piling up. Aahan finds love in a person who cannot see beyond his physicalities. The mirror of life keeps on showing the pages that they turn over to avoid feeling the pain time and again. But all we really need is that person who is holding us besides as we hurt and feel the pain. And that loving embrace always turns into a cure that we need every time.

“One cannot escape unscathed from the streets of life.”

Life and universe have all these curious and alarmingly ridiculous conspiracies to bring two people together. Ruchika and Aahan just had to hurt a little bit more before they could taste the ambrosia of love. A love that travels beyond the face, sexuality, and all things material. A love that is just too real to be true. Yet, reality leaves us hungrier for imagination and fiction. Two clipped birds find the courage to fly, to soar high, and find happiness beyond the crossroads.


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