Beyond The Crossroads

There are times when we are afraid to ask for help, to share, to love because those stories which lie beneath our , ever smiling, masked faces still bleed. The world, in the fear of judgement, keeps on veiling and piling up heartaches. This is the story of Ruchika Sen, who is a successful entrepreneur. She, with all her wit and knowledge has created the ideal image of an independent woman which many desire. But does anyone know what all she is dealing with, inside her?  And the story of Aahan Khatri, a junior sales manager at Petfolks.Ltd. He is ever lively despite life's incessant tuck-downs. But not always life loses. The universe has conspired their stars to intertwine. But will they succeed in moving beyond the crossroads of life?

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Padmaja Mishra

Padmaja Mishra is a simple yet ambitious girl from a small town in Odisha. Beyond the Crossroads is her debut in the field of novels. She has many anthologies, short stories, and poems attributed to her. Literature has always inhabited a soft corner in her heart and captivated her. Words have been her world from the sixth grade. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in English Literature from the prestigious Ravenshaw University. Her ink sketches dropped off souls. All she wishes is to inspire and heal people. She is a believer, dreamer, and sees life as a fulfilling opportunity. Her Saggitarian spirit makes her a passionate optimist. You can connect with her @storyweaverpadmaja on Twitter and Instagram. She is also available on Facebook @PadmajaMishra.

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